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Overdose FTS Brushless Motor V3

Overdose FTS Brushless Motor V3 0

Overdose announced the new Overdose & Acuvance collaboration model V3 in Jan 2019. The OD FTS V3 has new design, performance and sounds. Unlike previous versions, the V3 comes in 6.5T and 10.5T. Also available in purple, red, and black colours.

The 3rd edition of the special model created by the collaboration of Overdose and Acuvance. Kept the LUXON AGILE as the option 10.5T/LV42 and 6.5T/V38 as standard feature, the torque and feeling designed each motors character. The V3 has large cooling holes with an aggressive and delicate motor case design which makes unique motor sounds.

From the info we have received from Overdose, V3 motor comes with soldered 3.5 connectors, 300mm 14G wire (1 pc), 150mm sensor wire (1 pc), and male connectors (3 pcs).

ETA of release in late March 2019. We are now started to taking pre-orders, pre-order yours here.


Overdose GALM Chassis Kit

Overdose GALM Chassis Kit 0

Overdose 4th edition chassis kit GALM has arrived!

A full-scale carbon made double deck chassis with belt drive, offering easy assembly for beginners. All four wheels are equipped with aluminum shocks. The inboard type front suspension (IFS) optimizes the shock performance, eliminating its friction against the wheels in deep corners at the same time.

DAIS set is also available, one of the most advance gyro in the market which offering easy RWD drifts. Thanks to its adjustment ability, no more concern about the compatibility of the servo and the radio.

We are offering 4 different packages of GALM chassis kit to you:

Overdose (#OD2501) GALM Chassis Kit w/ DAIS Gyro


Overdose (#OD2502) GALM Chassis Kit w/ TOYOTA JZX100 MARK II Weld HYAKUSHIKI GOGOUKI


Overdose (#OD2503) GALM Chassis Kit w/ TOYOTA ZX100 MARK II TEAM Kenji with TOMEI POWERED


Overdose (#OD2504) GALM Chassis Kit w/ TOYOTA JZX90 MARK II MASUDA RACING


3 top vehicle models of FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN. The All-In-One kits includes clear body, graphic decals, vehicle specific wheels, tyres (HDPE) and DAIS.

Overdose Upcoming New Spare Parts

Overdose Upcoming New Spare Parts 0

Refresh your linkage rod! All New Ball Cap Set OD2268!

ø4.3mm ball diameter, both 15mm and 20mm length come in 6 pieces each. Made with nylon resin with molybdenum to add extra toughness and excellent slipperiness. Usable for other brands turnbuckles and convenient for overhauls.

ETA available in late July 2016.



All new multi-hole Shock Pistons OD2263 for OD HG Shock!

Introducing the new Piston Set for OD1581 HG Shock. The hole diameters are ø0.5 and ø0.6mm. Having 5-hole and 6-hole gives flexibility in damping force during high and low speed. They assist the chassis to become more grounded when used for rear shock in AWD, also creates mild handling when used for the used for the front shock in RWD.

With theses pistons, creating balanced shock settings is easier than ever!

A pack contains ø0.5 with 5-hole, ø0.5 with 6-hole, ø0.6 with 5-hole, and ø0.6 with 6-hole, all come in 2 pieces each. 5 to 10 higher viscosity index than current shock oil is recommended.

ETA available in mid Aug 2016. 

Overdose XEX Carbon Chassis Kit

Overdose XEX Carbon Chassis Kit 0

For all XEX series! All new sharp and racy look!

A combination of aluminum and carbon hybrid chassis!

Introducing a carbon chassis kit, usable for all the XEX series. A kit to replace the XEX genuine space frame with a double deck chassis made with the combination of aluminum and carbon. While keeping the modular structure of XEX, the replacement of the main frame in the center into double deck creates low center gravity and smooth chassis rolls, which makes your chassis controllable with high traction performance.

Tough aluminum braces are used in the joint area to connect the carbon plate and the front and rear units and holding them together tightly. The standard layout of the battery mount is short LiPo in horizontal position, however either standard long , 2S short or low profile 1S short sizes in both horizontal and vertical positions are feasible. *Note that the center mount must be removed when standard long battery is placed in vertical position.

The 2.4mm thick matt black carbon is used for both main and upper chassis for chic looks. The aluminum servo mount comes as the standard part and is applicable for both standard and low profile servos.

The XEX carbon chassis kit will be available in 3 colours: Purple, Red, and Black. Compatible with all XEX series, XEX, XEX Vspec. and XEX spec.R.

Enjoy the whole new looks and performance of XEX.