Acuvance Chevalier BLAZE
Acuvance (#OP15103) Chevalier BLAZE Feature: This product is equipped with a significantly evolved surge control circuit in addition to the highest class output characteristics in the Chevalier series High-power capacitor that reduces the rough feeling when the rotation rises and...
$120.99 AUD
Acuvance Chevalier TRACE
Acuvance (#OP15063) Chevalier TRACE Chevalier with a reputation for high efficiency and high power characteristics. This is the first device for receivers in the series. Inherit the "big capacity" "low resistance" which is the biggest feature in the Chevalier series....
$49.99 AUD
Acuvance Chevalier Turbo
Acuvance (#OP87210) Chevalier Turbo Feature: It is the output character which made much of the growth from mid speed to high speed area. It is effective for growth of the top speed. Specification: Size: 25 x 19 x 10mm (The...
$77.99 AUD
Hobbywing Nonpolar Capacitor - Standard
Hobbywing (#30840005) Nonpolar Capacitor - Standard Feature: For: XeRun XR10 PRO G2 Modify & Stock / XD10 Pro Optional non-polarity capacitor, it will be able to prevent any sort of damages itself from user makes a mistake by reversing the...
$34.99 AUD
Onisiki Alum. Hyper Booster Capacitor
Onisiki (#ONI4603) Hyper Booster Capacitor Feature: Super capacitor with specs matched perfectly for high powered brushless systems. This capacitor helps deal with voltage sag during hard acceleration, with very low internal resistance the charge/discharge rate is very high making it...
$39.99 AUD
Yokomo Nonpolar ESC Competition Capacitor
Yokomo (#BL-RCP) Nonpolar ESC Competition Capacitor Feature: A capacitor for racing that maximizes the output performance of the speed controller. When the load becomes high due to sudden throttle operation etc., it causes a phenomenon that the power from the...
$72.99 AUD
Yokomo Nonpolar Receiver Capacitor
Yokomo (#BL-RRCP) Nonpolar Receiver Capacitor Feature: This capacitor is connected to the BEC channel of the receiver to reduce noise and stabilize the servo current. When a large load is placed on the servo during driving, the capacitor can momentarily...
$20.99 AUD
Yokomo RP Racing Capacitor
Yokomo (#RP-RCPA) RP Racing Capacitor Feature: A large-capacity capacitor that connects to the ESC when using a brushless motor and provides power assistance during sudden acceleration. It has a significantly larger capacity than the capacitors that come standard with the...
$28.99 AUD
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