Overdose XEX Spec.V Chassis KIT

Overdose XEX Spec.V Chassis KIT

Introducing XEX Belt Drive version chassis kit "XEX Vspec".

Thanks to Overdose to release the Vspec. version for belt drive fans!

Comparing to the sharpness of the shaft drive XEX, the belt version provides smoothness and efficiency, which enhances XEX's performance ability. As the standard equipment, OD has chosen the same 39T ball differential and 16T pulley for the front and centre like Vacula to make 1.22 front and rear drive ratio to minimize the effect on the impacts from the road and other conditions and to keep the chassis stable. The rear gear drive unit remains the same as shaft version of XEX for unlimited drive ratio adjustability.


If you already have a shaft version XEX, don't worry! You can easily change it to belt drive by the XEX Vspec. Conversion KIT as the image shown below.


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