MST RMX 2.0 KMW (Black Limited Edition)

MST RMX 2.0 KMW (Black Limited Edition)

MST have recently announced RMX 2.0 KMW Black Limited Edition which is the upcoming chassis kit scheduled to release in the end of 2018. According to the information from MST, this black limited edition RMX 2.0 KMW will have only 300 units made with unique serial number 001-300 on an aluminum plate which attach to the chassis deck. Also the whole machine will be delivered in a special car outer box. 

Obviously the RMX 2.0 KMW Black Limited Edition is based on RMX 2.0 plus all the upgrade parts. Comparing to a fully upgraded RMX 2.0, the KMW BLE has a newly designed KMW special carbon lower deck and carbon bumper support plus a KMW special aluminum number plate.

It's very interesting how MST name their products :) but unlike the VIP (high end) version chassis kit they have released in the past, this RMX 2.0 KMW Black Limited Edition is a true extreme edition. Over 35 aluminum upgrade parts are being hop onto the chassis, basically every MST upgrade part for RMX 2.0 you could think of will be seen on the RMX 2.0 KMW BLE. We will also include the upgrade part list later on in the post.


KMW special carbon lower deck 3.5mm

KMW special aluminum number plate

210610 New Carbon bumper support 2.5 L

210580BK RMX 2.0 Carbon upper deck 3.5 (black)

210577BK RMX 2.0 Alum. front damper stay (black)

210578BK RMX 2.0 Alum. rear damper stay (black)

210599BK RMX 2.0 Alum. head mount (black)

210598BK RMX 2.0 Alum. upper arm mount (black)

210601BK RMX 2.0 Alum. adj. front connect mount (black)

210589BK RMX 2.0 Alum. steering arm (black)

210590BK RMX 2.0 Alum. steering joint plate (black)

210588BK Alum. steering arm mount (black)

210575BK RMX 2.0 Alum. upper arm set (black)

820117BK Alum. front lower arm set (black)

820123BK ATK Alum. upright (2WD) (black)

210492 Alum. wheel hubs 6mm (large brake disc shaped

210594 MB Rear suspension kit

210604BK RMX 2.0 alum. rear gearbox (black)

210600BK RMX 2.0 Alum. bevel gear mount (black)

210584BK RMX 2.0 Alum. rear upper deck support (black)

210583BK RMX 2.0 Alum. motor mount (black)

210429BK RMX Alum. spur gear holder (black)

210461BK RMX Alum. spur gear cover (black)

210520 RMX Rear shaft ball diff. set

820120BK TR56 Alum. damper set (black) (4)

820046BK Alum. damper retainer (lower type) (4) (black)

820127BK Alum. 8-adjusting servo saver (black)

820125BK Alum. servo mount (black)

820129BK Alum. suspension mount (-2.0) (black) X2

820037BK Alum. suspension mount (+0.5) (black) X2

210561BK Alum. post M3X13 (black) X4

848075BK 48P Spur gear 75T (machined)

810007BK Alum. reinforced turnbuckle 3X20 (black) (2) X2

810008BK Alum. reinforced turnbuckle 3X25 (black) (2)

810010BK Alum. reinforced turnbuckle 3X32 (black) (2)

810013BK Alum. reinforced turnbuckle 3X44 (black) (2) 


No matter wether you are new or experienced driver looking for a good chassis or you just want to have another weapon in your collection. RMX 2.0 KMW Black Limited Edition is definitely one of the best choices out there. With it's capability and value, it will surely fulfil all your needs and perform the best job for you on the track!

We are now open for pre-orders both online and in-store. As usual, we offer early pre-order with discounted price which including free express shipping Australia wide. Pre-order it here

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