Wrap-Up Next All New Version of VX Suspension

Wrap-Up Next All New Version of VX Suspension

The 3rd version of VX suspension system!

Switching the ratio 1:1 shock mount and asymmetrical design knuckle allows you to mount the shock onto the suspension arm as the standard setting. The partitioning structure makes the suspension arm adjustable and multiple suspension pin attachments allows the most appropriate setting for your chassis, including the short suspension arm position.

The newly designed knuckles are usable for both 1060 bearings (Drift Package standard) and 1050(3mm width) bearings. Compatible with 5mm and 6mm diameter universal drive shafts.  Please note that using 6mm universal drive shaft will create some gaps on the sides. Gaps will be eliminated with the stainless shim set, which is also available for purchase.

Newly designed asymmetrical knuckles!

Reconsidered the positioning of service holes next to the knuckles to have the most appropriate accessary brake calipers attachment.

Reversing the knuckles makes wide range of settings possible. 2 positioning options of shock mounting (lever ratio 1:1 or standard)

The suspension mount axle is POM resin bush. Keep them fresh with periodic replacements. Bushes are replaceable with 2.5mm and 3mm according to the chassis type. The spare parts will also be available.


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