Yokomo Front SP Steering Block

Yokomo Front SP Steering Block

Yokomo has started to releasing Yokomo Professional Setting Kit series from May 2017. As the second release we introducing you the Yokomo Front SP Steering Block with adjustable king-pin angle ability and it will be released in the end of June this year.

This new steering block will give your YD-2/Plus/EX the ability to adjust kingpin steering angle by the separated block design with 0.5mm or 1.0mm spacers. The neutral angle is +1 degree, by adding 0.5mm spacer the kingpin angle will be increased by 1 degree more.

The optional aluminum stopper pin will keep the exact position in maximum angle and prevent from the reverse joint at steering tie rod for more smooth and consistent drifting action.

Product Details

Y2-415SA Front SP Steering Block

Parts for Y2-415SA

Y2-415SA1 Steering Block Base (R/L)

Y2-415SA2 Steering Block Adapter (1 pc)

Y2-415SA6 Steering Block Spacer (0.5mm 2pcs)

Y2-415SA7 Steering Block Spacer (1.0mm 2pcs)

Optional Parts for Y2-415SA

Y2-415SA3 Steering Block Weight Set (R/L 1pc each)

Y2-415SA4 Steering Block Stopper Pin (4mm diameter 2pcs)

Y2-415SA5 Steering Block Stopper Pin (5mm diameter 2pcs)

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